Salem Balhamer Co. Real Estate Ltd.

Salem Balhamar Real Estate Company was established on 1433 H, it has specialized in the field of real estate services and has provided excellent services in a number of important projects in the Kingdom, such as the (Akadonia residential complex) in Dammam, Al Kawthar Tower (Makkah) and (SBH Housing Tower) in Bahrain as well as branches throughout the Kingdom and beyond.
Member of Balhamer Holding Group


The company has a group of individuals characterized by integrated skills among them, and they have common goals and one purpose that is succeed in providing integrated services in every aspects of real estate.
The company team is qualified to provide real estate solutions suitable and unprecedented, and the team is responsible for the implementation of daily operations and marketing activities.


Unlimited ambitions and endless imaginations, Salem Balhamar Real Estate Company gets going from a bloom economical reality we can feel in all economical and constructive aspects in every regions of the kingdom . The company obligated to provide best services and projects which consider the requirements of our society with its all categories.